What is 3D Hologram Fan Display ?

  • The electric hologram fan is getting popular for its 3D holographic display
  • The device’s single blade can spin in high speed, generating moving images
  • Trend started after a video of the futuristic model became viral on social media

This may be the coolest electric fan you’ve ever seen.


The single-bladed device can create vivid 3D holographic animation once it’s on.

The model, produced by a company from China, became popular after a demonstration video of the handheld device was uploaded on social media and sparked interests worldwide.

According to a report stated, the 3D hologram display was invented by Zhou Quan and few of his fellow graduates from the Southeast University in Nanjing, east China.

Zhou told the reporter that they had set up a company where they came up with an idea of a revolving screen with hologram displays.

The product has become a trending discussion after footage of a westerner showing the screen emerged on Instagram.

The video was posted first under the account of ‘Big Screen Video’ on September 28.

The account apparently belongs to an LED screen and signage company in Australia.

Its workers had made a trip to China and brought back a strip of LED made by Zhou’s company that ‘worked like a fan‘.

The post drew over 3.6 million views across their social media accounts on both Instagram and Facebook.


Animation of a shape-changing object and the installation of a mini engine were created after the hand-held fan started spinning.

The 3D hologram display had won a second runner-up in a joint university entrepreneur contest in China.

In an interview with Inventor, Zhou explained that the motors used in the fan are same as the one used in drones.

‘The battery can last longer and withstand the power of the high spinning speed of LED screen in order to create a 3D hologram,’ Zhou said.



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