LED totem + Tablet + LCD TV

All equipped to work perfectly in your restaurant

Attracting clients for your work often means adding a new item to your restaurant’s menu or launching a special promotion every week.

We offer unique experience for your business: LED Totem in front of your store, LCD Displays to unique showcase your menu or special offer, and a digital Tablet main menu for your products.

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In these cases, restaurant operators must be able to quickly and easily change the current offer. We provide tailor-made “turnkey” solutions in restaurants and fast food.

Excellent advertising solutions, accentuated by digital displays with rich technologies
are dynamic and efficient in working with a variety of features for every aspect of your business ie. providing information on promotions and other activities, for entertaining customers with interactive content and videos.

As a special service within the offer, we emphasize the training of your employees and the strengthening of your brand in the market.