Servis paket

Service package 24/7

We have provided “SERVICE PACKAGE” for you 24 hours, 7 days a week

Engineering and design of the technical solutions

Our engineers will visit you and suggest an effective solution or create a project at your request

Installation and transportation

Wherever and at any time, we will deliver and install welded equipment

Graphic design and photography

Our team of designers will put your idea into an effective advertising display

Video production / postproduction

If you want a video or an animation, our video editors will prepare video content according to your request

CLOUD server with control panel

Manage content that is displayed on your screens through your mobile phone or a computer whenever you want, over the secure Internet connection

Info Call Center / Technical Support / Service

You can report any desired changes or irregularities in equipment to our center at any time of the day, we will act immediately to satisfy your needs

Improving and maintaining your existing LED displays and other advertising systems

We can take care of maintaining your equipment you already own and to improve it with our service package

Insurance package gift

For the further details about our insurance package gift, please contact our Info Call Center

We are the best solution for improving your business

Because we have made it possible for the last word of the technology of the advertising industry without investments in expensive equipment to be available to everyone.

By choosing our advertising solutions you get a products and services by turnkey system with a symbolic monthly fee.